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Oktober 8, 2015 um 4:29 pm

Hey people,

I’m knew here and I hope I can get some help.

I use a Raspberry pi with the Z-Wave-Software. I’m able to use switches and other stuff. On my respberry I’ve also got an irda-LED. So i can use my Raspberry as an „Remote“ for all devices in my livingroom. For that I have smal program which allows me to enter a command in the terminal an my tv goes on
An example how i switch the TV with the terminalcommand:
remotelog –on TV
or change the channel
remotelog –ch 2 ORF

I like to switch the TV-Input when someone rings the doorbell

Is it possible to make an z-wave device on my raspberry which execute’s an terminal-command??


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Oktober 8, 2015 um 9:33 pm

Hi, the forum is in German but anyway…

Assuming you have Z-Way running ( on our Pi you can simply use a wget with an URL to turn on/off a device:
wget of …off as an example.
If you dont want to spent time reading manuals etc, open your WEB UI for the razberry, then open the JS console in Chrome, hit the button of the device you want to switch while looking into the network console, cut and paste the command – done!



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Oktober 16, 2015 um 8:41 am

hallo christian

danke für die antwort
klar ist das ein deutsches form
sry mein fehler… war total vertieft um eine lösung für mein problem zu finden 🙂

mitlerweile hab ich’s am laufen
trozdem danke für deine hilfe

und entschuldigt bitte nochmals die falsche sprache…

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